Dumbed Down Debate On The Human Rights Act. How Low Can You Go?

Thanks to Patrick Torsney at ilegal for posting this discussion on YouTube. This makes for painful viewing in that none of the people in the studio seem to have much of a clue as to what the Human Rights Act is actually about….not even the presenter. She starts off with the words “criminals, terrorists and even rioters…” and its downhill from there.

Maybe I am being unfair about the woman described as a feminst law reform campaigner or something. I can not really tell what she thinks as she keeps getting talked over by John Bird and John Gaunt. It ends up sounding like feeding time at the pig pen.

The two lawyers who contribute via the screen link up are pretty good though.  One of these is Adam Wagner of the UK Human Rights Blog whose post in response to David Cameron’s recent unfortunate comments about the Act following the riots is well worth a read for anyone who is interested in what the Human rights Act is actually about.

This video clip really reminds me of the old Chris Morris Brass Eye programmes such as this old classic

  • Cait

    I think that the ‘feminist law reformer’ is Julie Bindel – writes for Grauniad and part of the Justice for Women group